Topic: The most common error message encountered

Hello COSI-Corr users,

among the different error messages encountered by COSI-Corr users, one type of error is particularly frequent and is related to the ENVI memory management. Error messages such as:
- "Lack of memory"
- "Unable to allocate..."
- "Subscript range values ot the form low:high must be >= 0, < size, with low <= high..."
- ...

are usually due to an improper configuration of ENVI. In the ENVI File -> Preferences -> Miscellaneous, make sure you have the Cache size set up to at least 300 MB, and and Image Tile Size to around 40.00MB (See the COSI-Corr manual section 2.2). This will allocate enough memory to ENVI in order to manipulate your memory-hungry images.