Topic: New Release February 3rd, 2009

Dear all,

The COSI-Corr team is glad to announce the release of a new COSI-Corr version. You can download this new version by simply registering online:
http://www.tectonics.caltech.edu/slip_h … tware.html

The new version adds new features such as:
- The processing of Worldview 1 images
- The processing of Formosat 2 images
- The addition of a powerful denoising method based on the non-local means filter
- Automatic destriping of correlation images based on ancillary data (no need to find the correct angle anymore!)
- The correction of various bugs (pb with fiducial points selection for version 4.3 and above, reference frame pb with aerial images, display inconsistencies between Windows/Linux platforms, correlation pb for files interlaced in BIP format, etc...)

You will notice that COSI-Corr installation is now simplified, but it will require proper uninstall of the older version: from now on, installing COSI-Corr will not require manual edition of the ENVI menu. Before installing this new version, you should therefore delete the lines in the ENVI menu corresponding to the previous installation (please refer to the updated user's guide for more details).

You will also notice that we do not separate anymore between the Windows and the Mac/Linux/Unix installations. There is only one single installation file for all platforms (installation instructions are updated in the user's guide as well).

If you have any troubles/comments/questions, feel free to post them on this forum.
To post on this forum, you will need to:
1- register on the forum
2- send us an email with your username so we can validate your registration

We're sorry for the complicated registration process, but this is the best method to avoid massive spam on the Forum.

Hope you will all enjoy this new version of COSI-Corr!!