Topic: AVNIR-2

I had the pleasure to use COSI-Corr with SPOT and ASTER datasets and the results are remarkable. I would like to know if there are any plans in the near future to include additional sensors, such as AVNIR-2, or to develop a generic module to allow manual input/creation of ancillary data.

Thank you.




Dear Marius,

We are continuously improving the capabilities of COSI-Corr, and the next release (coming soon!) will include the processing of Formosat 2 images and Worldview 1 images. We do not have any previous experience with the AVNIR sensor, therefore it is currently not in our short term plan. However, if there exists a literature describing with enough details the AVNIR-2 sensor, and if the ancillary file format is not too far from what we have already developed,  we could certainly develop a new module quite rapidly. Then we could list the AVNIR-2 sensor in our 2009 plan. Do you know of any AVNIR-2 sample imagery we could access? Then we'll decide with Francois the amount of work it'd take.