Topic: Cross Correlation with Sentinel-1 Data


did you gain experience with "CosiCorr-Correlation" from "Sentinel-1-Radardata"?

I've tried to prepare "Sentinel-1" in the "ESA-SANP-Tool" according to the following scheme:

"PreEvent&PostEvent Original-Data -> Apply Orbit File -> Multilooking -> Radiometric Calibration (Output:Beta0-Band) -> Terrain Flattening -> Terrain Correction -> CoRegistration"

Is such a preprocessing applicable or does it require further important steps?

With the results of the preprocessing, I’ve then carried out the "CosiCorr-Frequency Correlation". However, the results of the offset calculation are not homogeneous but grainy in comparison to the optical offset calculation of the same field. This unpleasant trend cannot be solved by a variation of the "Frequency Parameter" either.

Thanks for any help.

Kind regards