Topic: Reading correlation results into external program (Matlab)

I'd like to do some post-processing in Matlab, but cannot figure out how to parse the output files. Is there an easy way to read the output files in external programs?


Re: Reading correlation results into external program (Matlab)


the COSI-Corr output files are in binary format, with an accompanying header file (.hdr). You can load the file in matlab using a binary file reader function. Any programming language has a function to read non-formated files. All the information you need (number of columns and rows, data type (byte, int, unsigned int, float,...), and interleaving) to read the file properly in matlab can be found in the header file:
samples = number columns
lines   = number of rows
bands   = number of bands, e.g., for correlation output it's 3 (E/W, N/S, SNR)
data type = 1:8bit, 4:32bit, ... see ENVI data type help for more
interleave = bsq (band interleave), bil (line interleave), bip (point interleave)