Topic: Compatability with ENVI 5?

Hi guys,

I'm having some trouble to get the cosi-corr modules working under ENVI 5. Some of the tools work fine, but the main modules for correlation and orthorectification do not. I have followed the instruction to the letter, but only some of them seem to work. When I click on about cosi-corr i get the following error:

MAIN_ABOUT_COSICORR-->FREQUENCYCORRELATION: Error loading shared executable, [blah blah] libcosicorr.dll %1 is not a valid Win32 application

The environmental variables are correct for my path, and I double checked that there is a file there.

I am using 64-bit windows 7 with ENVI 5.0 classic

Thank you kindly and best wishes to you all,



Re: Compatability with ENVI 5?

Hi Jon,

you are running windows 7 64b, which is good. Do you also confirm that you have installed or using ENVI 5.0 64b and not ENVI 5.0 32b?



Re: Compatability with ENVI 5?

Hi Francois!

Yes, I think this is the problem. I am surprised to see it is x86 architecture. Thank you!



Re: Compatability with ENVI 5?

Hi guys,

Tried to integrate Cosi-Corr (pakOct14) to ENVI 4.7(32-bit) package on a windows 10 (64-bit) system.

I had followed all the instructions mentioned in CosiCorr-Guide.  The Cosi-Corr menu was visible, but when I clicked "About Cosi-Corr" menu, it showed a system error message.

MAIN_ABOUT_COSICORR-->FREQUENCYCORRELATION: Error loading shared executable.
Symbol: IDL_Load, File = pathToCosi\cosi-modules\libcosicorr.dll  %1 is not a valid Win32 application

As suggested in the guide, I have rechecked the IDL_DLM_PATH and it is correct (to the best of my knowledge).

Any help related to this issue will be appreciated.

Thank You.

P.S.: Have also tried the same on Windows 7 (32-bit)


Re: Compatability with ENVI 5?


I suspect that although your Windows OS is 64b, you are running an ENVI 32b application.
COSI-Corr works only on 64b OS AND 64b ENVI.
It already happened that users have a 32b ENVI, which they install on a 64b OS. ENVI will work fine as 64b OS usually handles 32b application, but COSI-Corr won't. You need both OS and ENVI to be 64b.



Re: Compatability with ENVI 5?

Ok. Thanks for the info...