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Topic: Error during orthorectification

Dear Sebastein,

I have 1 ortho image of 2003 and a raw image of 2005 (both ASTER). DEM used is ASTER GDEM 30m.

During orthorectification, I am getting error as:

"Variable undefined: UNIT"

If I do not provide DEM during orthorectification, then it is giving the mapping matrices output.

Could you please help in this regard. What and where can be the problem?

Thanks in advance


Re: Error during orthorectification


the problem might come from ENVI that somehow incorrectly opened the DEM file. Close ENVI and try again. If the problem persists, open the DEM in ENVI and save it as an ENVI file. Try using that new file in COSI-Corr instead of the old DEM.