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I have a problem with destriping my correlation result.
I correlated two Landsatscenes, which worked really good, but you can see several stripes, which presumably result from platform undulations and could be removed by using the Destriping Tool.

I followed the description of manual orientation, as it is described in the guide of Cosi-Corr. The tools runs well, but the result is horrible. I just see stripes in the three actually "destriped" bands.

Do you have an idea, which could be the reason? I estimated a rotation-angle of 78.5° and selected a spatial subset like in the guide.



Re: Manual Orientation Problem

When you use the "rotate" function of ENVI in the basic tool menu, the stripes should be vertical using the angle you found. Is it the case?



Re: Manual Orientation Problem


I tried to destripe the east_west displacement image (obtained by cross-
correlating 2 Landsat TM scenes over Grosser Aletsch glacier in Swiss Alps).
Firstly, I got those stripes arranged vertically, by using the rotate/flip
option of ENVI and saved the result to memory. I then applied manual destriping
to that image (the one saved in memory).

I encountered a problem which I'm unable to figure out I will be very grateful if you can help me resolve this



Re: Manual Orientation Problem

Send me your correlation,