Topic: SPOT4 & SPOT2 sample data

Many users have asked us whether it could be possible to obtain sample imagery to test COSI-Corr. To satisfy these demands, we have worked a special license agreement with SPOT Image Corporation, so that some of our images could be redistributed to other academic and research institutions. Simply put, if you have already downloaded COSI-Corr (thus you comply with the COSI-Corr license agreement), and if in addition you agree with the special license for SPOT images redistribution, i.e., this document (ftp://ftp.gps.caltech.edu/pub/leprincs/ … ataset.pdf), you are welcome to download the data  we used for this paper (http://www.tectonics.caltech.edu/slip_h … 07TGRS.pdf), here:

ftp://ftp.gps.caltech.edu/pub/leprincs/ … mple_test/


Re: SPOT4 & SPOT2 sample data

Dear Dr. Leprince,

I am interested in the Cosi-Corr software, which is using
optical imagery to measure ground deformation. I downloaded the User's
guide of Cosi-Corr and the sample data from Cosi-Corr form. However, I am
confused about the input parameter in figure 5 and the output in figure
9. It requires to input a reference image as a orthorectified image in
figure 5, while the output  is the same orthorectified image in figure
9, which means the orthorectified image is generated after
orthorectification if I understand correctly. Since I only have the raw
data (e.g. the Level 1B Quickbird imagery have not been orthorectified)
at first, I can not input the orthorectified image to convert the tie
points to GCPS as shown in figure 5. What should I do?

Your answer are much appreciated.

Best regards,



Re: SPOT4 & SPOT2 sample data


As described in the paper, it's possible to use a shaded version of the DEM as a first reference image.