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Topic: Frequency Correlator


For data of Cartosat 1 (2.5m), I have taken a variable window size of 64 to 32 pixels wide with step size 2; I have taken the Robustness Iteration= 2 and Mask Threshold (m)= 0.9. My query is:

Is Sinc resampling required for this data?why?
Instead of a variable window size, if I take a constant size of 32 pixels wide, would my results still be accurate?

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Re: Frequency Correlator

Hi Lydia,

In COSI-Corr->Tools, you can use the "Discard/Replace values" tool, which allows you to filter/discard unwanted displacements.
You can also select ranges by building a mask in ENVI: Basic Tools -> masking -> Build mask -> options -> import data range.
You can get the masking tool also from the Tools menu when you open a display.



Re: Frequency Correlator

Thank you.