Topic: Imagin'Labs Corporation and Commercial Applications for COSI-Corr

Dear All,

This message to inform our members that Imagin'Labs Corporation (www.imaginlabs.com) has recently acquired the exclusive rights to exploits COSI-Corr for non-academic applications.

If you are interested in using COSI-Corr for non-academic applications, please contact Imagin'Labs Corporation (www.imaginlabs.com). Imagin'Labs proposes a wide range of services, including:

- Automatic image registration services,
- Image correlation services,
- Correlation of LiDAR or topographic data,
- Mutli-temporal and mutli-spectral analysis,
- COSI-Corr training, processing, and guidance.

For any question regarding commercial services, do not hesitate to contact info@imaginlabs.com