Topic: NL-Means filter Error Message

During NL-Means filtering I get a  system error message that says
'NLMEANS_PARAMS--> Attempt to call undefined procedure/function: 'NLMFILTER'.
I used the same steps as the manual and tried different methods using the filter on just one band, and lowering the spatial size but the error message keeps popping up.  I was wondering if its something wrong with my data or if it is a system  error. Thanks so much.



Re: NL-Means filter Error Message

It means the module wasn't properly installed. Did you install the .dll and dlm files in the proper directories? The version that we distribute for free needs in addition the installation of the MS redistributable visual studio package, all this is in the installation manual of COSI-Corr. Note that in the distributed version, the NL-Means filter will only work under windows.



Re: NL-Means filter Error Message

I moved all the appropriate files to their directory and it worked!  Thank you so much for help!



Re: NL-Means filter Error Message

Great smile