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Topic: SAR offset track

Dear Sebastien
is it possible to use Corelation module of COSICORR for SAR offset track?
I'll convert master and slave  .ras file of doris output after resample in to byte format with Envi,after using lat.raw and long.raw product of doris I Georefrenced them,,I'll open them into correlation module but I'm not satisfied,
it is not true way to calculate SAR offset track?
when do you decide to release you SAR offset track module?
I hope you tell me my algorithem to obtain SAR offset track is true!:)


Re: SAR offset track


You can use COSI-Corr for sub-pixel correlation of amplitude SAR images. The pre-requisite is that images must already be co-registered (COSI-Corr does not provide tools for SAR geometrical correction). then, transform your SLC into amplitude images, and you can use the correlation tool in COSI-Corr. What went wrong in your processing? Note that radar images are usually quite noisy and require large correlation windows.