Topic: How to save the profile plot as a picture or postscript?

Dear all:

I have get some stacks using the "tools>Stacking Profiles>stacking " tools, I want to save the profile as a picture file(or postscript), but  the menu in this GUI only can export fault displacement( ASCII file), when I draw a plot using the ascii file just exported in other plot software, but it looks not as well as COSI_CORR, can I export the profile as a picture file directly in COSI_CORR?

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Re: How to save the profile plot as a picture or postscript?

The profile tool cannot export the picture. For the picture, you can export the values as a txt file, then create a plot with some other software (i.e., Matlab, Excel, or using the IDL plot functions but they're not great). I personally use Matlab.

If you're interested in exporting a picture with the location of the profile on the correlation image, on the correlation image while the profile tool is open. Then open the ROI tool, and you should seen the profiles overlaid on the correlation. Then you can export this picture as postscript and produce images like Fig 2 of this paper:
http://www.tectonics.caltech.edu/slip_h … SS2007.pdf