Topic: Optimize GCPS file

I've got the shaded dem image and the first image to orthorectify.

I select 20 tie points between these image and i use all the suggestion of the cosi corr guide. But when I go to optimizate the GCPS file i see that there is not convergence.

All the other steps are correct and i will obtain the final correlation of the tu orthorectified spot image of the sample but the results are not realistic in vector field because i compare it with the results of the guide.

Is this due to the lack of convegence?

How can i do to obtain the convergence of gcps optimum file? I used all the suggestion of the guide: the tie points were generated with criterion.

Help me please


Re: Optimize GCPS file

What do you mean, it's not converging? Please copy and paste your optimized GCP file.

You also have to make sure that you select tie point on areas with enough texture at the scale of the correlation window.