Topic: New release January, 1, 2010

Dear all,

first and foremost, the COSI-Corr team wishes you a great year 2010. We're also glad to announce the release of a new COSI-Corr version.
You can download this new version by registering online:
http://www.tectonics.caltech.edu/slip_h … tware.html

This new version features:
- Process of very high altitude frame camera imagery through the aerial orthorectification tool. Typically, recently declassified archive images from the U.S.
goverment (e.g., Corona Hexagon program) can now be processed with COSI-Corr.
- Improved Frequency correlator especially when multi-pixel displacement is expected. See the user's guide for more information.
- Increased flexibility in the correlation parameters setup (Window size, step, ...).
- Optimised satellite images orthorectification process. Increase in speed will vary depending on your hardware setup and
data, but you can reasonnably expect a 2 times speed increase.

If you were using the last version of COSI-Corr, you just need to replace the old files with the new ones. For version anterior to the last one, please refer the user's guide for more details on a
proper removal.

If you have any troubles/comments/questions, feel free to post them on this forum.
To post on this forum, you will need to:
1- register on the forum
2- send us an email with your username so we can validate your registration

We're sorry for the complicated registration process, but this is the best method to avoid massive spam on the Forum.

Hope you will all enjoy this new version of COSI-Corr!!

The COSI-Corr Team