Topic: Cosi Corr on the parallel form


We have a super computing facility (BlueGene) that uses the parallel form. Is it possible to install Cosi Corr on this facility to minimize the processing time especially if we are dealing with datasets that cover wide geographic areas at fine temporal scales?



Re: Cosi Corr on the parallel form

Dear ElSayed,

We are currently working on an extended implementation of COSI-Corr which will be able to take advantage of multicore and multiprocessor systems (but do not hope for a release before at least another year, depending on our funding). However, because COSI-Corr is currently implemented in IDL and IDL does not allow for multi-thread programming, the current version of COSI-Corr can hardly take advantage of super computing facilities. Some functions we use can take advantage of parallel processing, but most of them cannot. You can try to install IDL on your system and see how COSI-Corr runs, but do not expect great improvements.

Let us know of your experiments, it is important to have such feedback regarding future developments.