Topic: Stripes

I am working on ASTER images to check the validity of the Cosi-Corr to monitor sand dune migration in North Sinai, Egypt. The ASTER product L1A data has stripes. Do you think the stripes in the images would affect the results?


Re: Stripes


I guess you are referring to radiometric stripes, hence to poor radiometric calibration. If you use ENVI version 4.2 or above, the radiometric calibration is automatically done when opening the .hdf file, hence no stripes should be visible. If you use ENVI version 4.1 or earlier (which might be your case), you will need to perform a radiometric calibration to the 1A data before applying any geometric transformation. You will find radiometric calibration tools in ENVI (4.0 - 4.2) in Basic Tools -> Preprocessing -> Calibration Utilities -> ASTER Radiance.

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