Topic: Bug using "Fiducial Points Selection Tool" with ENVI 4.3 and above

Dear users,

COSI-Corr uses, as often as possible, ENVI functionnalities. The fiducial points selection tool is among them and the function was largely reengineered in ENVI 4.3. The current release of COSI-Corr calls therefore an ENVI function that do not exists anymore, and crashes consequently. Of course, the fiducial points selection tool works with older release of ENVI (4.2 and earlier).

To bypass this issue with ENVI 4.3 and above, you will need to select the Fiducial points with the ENVI new function:
- Map->Build RPC's
- "Select Fiducials in Display". Select the fiducials of your image as you would have done normally.
- Save them in a txt file
Then this file can be used in COSI-Corr's "Interior Orientation setup" routine.

This bug will be corrected in the next COSI-Corr release. Users using ENVI 4.2 and earlier will have access to the old ENVI function, whereas users of ENVI 4.3 and later will have access to the ENVI "Build RPC's" function directly. They will access the fiducial points selection tool as explained above.