Topic: Problem about defining Ancillary data for SPOT-5 data

To get a coseismic deformation about one earthquake in China, I ordered two SPOT-5 LEVEL-1A panchromatic images, and the image size is only one-fouth of a full scence. When I use those images to get the ancillary parameters by Satellite Imagery -> Ancillary File -> SPOT 1-5, there is an error "Only whole SPOT scene can be processed (no subset) ". I do not know whether the subset SPOT image could not be processed by COSI. I have confirmed the images data could be displayed by ENVI. Could you give me some suggestion about this problem? Thank you! I am looking forward to your reply!


Re: Problem about defining Ancillary data for SPOT-5 data


at this moment, COSI-Corr can only process full scene and not subset of them. Unless you could access the full scene, there is not much that can be done for now. We might include subset in some future release, although it is not in the development pipeline for now. Sorry about that.