Topic: New release Oct, 23, 2014

Dear Cosi-Corr users,

we are glad to announce the release of a new COSI-Corr version.
You can download this new version by registering online: http://www.tectonics.caltech.edu/slip_h … tware.html

Important information: This COSI-Corr release is compatible only with ENVI 4.7 and above and requires a 64b operating system. Users running ENVI 5 will need to run 'ENVI Classic' which comes with ENVI 5.

Main features that were added to this version:
- Multi-threading  of time consuming processes: orthorectification, resampling and correlation.
- Mars imagery support (HiRISE and CTX).
- Airbus Defense and Space (Pleiades, SPOT 6-7) and Digital Globe (Worldview series) support.
- Simplified options for the cardinal sine (Sinc) resampler kernel.
- Correlation scripting/batching capability for large set of data to correlate.
- Image warping and detrending capability, to remove a trend in an image or to register a set of images when the traditional COSI-Corr route is not possible (e.g., image already orthorectified, imager not supported, absence of ancillary data).
- Projection of the displacement map in the epipolar/perpendicular-epipolar directions to minimize topographic distortions residual.
- A manual profile stacking for easier use, as well as additional option to initialize and export stacked profiles.
- Correction of various bugs.

If you were using a previous version of COSI-Corr, you need to uninstall it and follow the new install procedure. Please refer the user's guide for more details.

If you have any troubles/comments/questions, feel free to post them on the COSI-Corr forum (www.tectonics.caltech.edu/forum).
To post on this forum, you will need to:
1- register on the forum
2- send us an email with your username so we can validate your registration
We're sorry for the complicated registration process, but this is the best method to avoid massive spam on the Forum.

Hope you will all enjoy this new version of COSI-Corr!!

The COSI-Corr Team