Topic: Dunal displacement

Dear Sebastien,

I am doing a training project to calculate sand flux of a small area in Thar Desert, India. For this I am using Cartosat (2.5m) data. Due to the lack of ancillary file I could not  use COSI-Corr for orthorectification,but used another image processing software. However since the images were in the same coordinate system I used COSI-Corr to compute correlation (Freq correlator, 32 window size, step size 2). I then computed the Euclidean norm and subsequently calculated the sand flux. The problem I am facing is that the area has slow moving dunes and the sand flux values are coming out to be very high (about 5m per day), which is incorrect.
Could you please advise as to why it is coming like that? and what needs to be done? Is there some problem with the parameters taken during correlation or do slow moving dunes behave differently?

Please suggest
Thanks and regards,