Topic: Error message

I have two ASTER images that I can successfully generate vector maps.

I would now like to get a correlation and displacements on a subset of the images.
I do so when choosing the Pre-Event and Post-Event images and choose the Spatial
Subset by Map Coordinates option.  I use the same UTM
coordinates (UL & LR) for both images and "Map info" confirms this, however, when I run the
Correlation to generate the Displacement Map I get the following error:

CORRELATION_IMG....images cannot be overlapped due to their origin and resolution.

Thanks for any suggestions...bill...


Re: Error message


Did you generate your ortho-images by clicking on the "adjust grid to multiple of resolution" when you declared the ortho grid? If not, I would suggest doing it, or the "gridded" option will not work.

You can also uncheck the gridded option, but then your correlation subset may not exactly overlap with the larger correlation.