Topic: Error Report

Dear Sebastien
I tried to test hector mine data(your samples),when I reached to GCP optimization step,I face to these error,I use ENVI4.5(Windows XP and Vista) and I changed before chche parameter size and image size as you mention it,could you guide me

ENVI Retrieve Data: An Error Occured during Processing
Error:"READU":End of File enccountered.Unit:100,File:
The Result may be invalid.

Trapped Error
unable to allocate memory:to make array

all the best
Mohammad Mohseni Aref


Re: Error Report

Dear Mohammad,

At which step do you have the pb exactly? When you try to optimize the first image with a shaded DEM or when you try to optimize the GCP between the first ortho-image and the second raw image?

According to the error message it seems you're giving the wrong input data somewhere. Are you sure you didn't mix the convention between the base and the reference image when you selected your tie points?

What parameters do you have for the cache size and image tile?

If you still have a pb, please also post the input GCP/tie points file for the optimization.