Topic: Vegetation change detection by COSI-Corr

Dear Sir,

In (Leprince et al. 2008), you mentioned that changes in vegetation may also be investigated by using COSI-Corr. I want to inquire:

1.    Is it possible to use COSI-Corr for selective logging (detection of one or more trees cutting from forests (canopy)).
2.    What remote sensing data type should I require for that?
3.    What possible procedure may be adopted?
4.    Can ASTER, LandSat or CBERS images be used for this purpose?
5.    Which band(s) can be selected in order to have vegetation change detection?
6.    Can we also use multi-spectral images in COSI-Corr?

I would be very thankful to you, if you may provide some (research) ideas for detecting selective logging in thick forests. Kindly refer also some key literature on it, if you have.

Best Regards,
Muhammad Yaseen


Re: Vegetation change detection by COSI-Corr


COSI-Corr can help you by accurately co-registering spectral bands of multispectral images, therefore enhancing subsequent detection algorithms. You can use any sensor that is supported in COSI-Corr. A standard vegetation detection method uses the NDVI band ratio.